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coursework: rewatching all Mickey and Ian episodes

In the past, most of your scenes have been with Cameron (Monaghan, Ian Gallagher), were you happy to see Mickey’s life and his interactions with other characters expand?

Noel Fisher: Oh, absolutely. I think the heart of that storyline is always going to be Ian & Mickey. That’s his home in a number of ways. Ian is the one person he’s been able to be truly at home and himself with – the only person really – he’s been able to be like that with in his life up until now.

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ABC's of Gallavich

The Zzzzs really make this GIFset for me.

Anonymous said:
Do you know where I can find the video of Cam dancing in the club? The one where he was in a suit? Thanks :)

Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure! :)

Stuck on a 7 hour train ride to Berlin with no wifi? No problem. Just stare at a screencap of Noel and giggle to yourself.